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    adding letters to the end of my words is a habit im finding hard to break, and your the only one thats even mentioned it in a negative way(ive actually been told its cute)

    Well then let me mention it as well. I ignore everyone who does not put effort into writing something. It's not cute, it's disrespectful to those who have to read it. In a forum there is one simple rule for a text to be recognized: Keep it short and simple.

    Anyway, funny how this still isn't fixed. Well, I don't like to deal with games published by GF for a reason...I wouldn't be affected, but still.

    On and my theory is that GF is just unable to handle, eh... anything... quickly. In fact I say they are not able to satisfy the expectations of "modern gamers/customers" with their current policies.

    Hey, GF zeigt mal Initiative. Das war eigentlich ziemlich gut. Wenn man das noch einmal pro Quartal hinkommt bringt das sogar was.

    Die Kritik da oben ist teilweise Unsinn.

    • Woher die Vermutung kommt, dass das Editieren das Problem war weiß ich nicht. Ich vermute es war eher der interne Abstimmungsprozess. Da geht i.d.R. die meiste zeit verloren.
    • Das mit dem Eifer wurde jetzt auch schon 100x gesagt. Man will nicht, dass die Spieler schnell vorankommen. Das ist extra so designed worden. Ich gehe davon aus die CS Sachen waren ein Kompromiss mit LG. Immerhin etwas, sie hätten auch ganz nein sagen können.
    • Ich verstehe auch nicht, warum man etwas 10x machen muss? Gibt es da einen Daily Quest? Klar dauert es dann länger, hta aber bestimmt auch keiner bestritten. Wie gesagt, das will man ja sogar.
    • Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe will LG da einiges Ändern. Natürlich werden sie weder Zeit noch Aufwand in etwas stecken,was eh ausgetauscht wird. Von daher sinnlos sich zu beschweren. Ich kann die Beschwerden verstehen, aber so funktionieren leider einige KR MMOs dieser Art. Ich mag es auch nicht.
    • Da von einer Server Merge gesprochen wurde verstehe ich die Kritik an der Spielzahl nicht. Das Game kann ja totzdem eine gute Zukunft haben, nur die Spieler so aufzuteilen war eine schlechte Idee.
    • Warum existieren Megafone überhaupt? Ich sehe wenig Sinn durch den Server zu brüllen.
    • Der Updateplan steht in etwas in dem Post zu dem Video. Einen exakten wird es nicht geben und ich finde es reichen auch teaser an was gearbeitet wird. Bei einem agilen Management kann man eben zur bedingt sagen was wann kommt. Klar man nimmt sich was vor, heißt aber noch lange nicht, dass man das schafft.

    Man mag mir verzeihen, wenn ich irgendwo selbst Unsinn rede. Ich schaue mir aktuell nur an wo sich das Game hin entwickelt und spiele es nicht. Hintergrund ist, dass ich doch relativ unzufrieden mit einigen Elementen vom Design her bin, da besseres gewöhnt. Hauptsächlich EXP und RNG bei Gear bzw. Reward/Effort ratio, sowie einige CS Sachen.

    Des Weiteren bin ich aktuell doch recht schlecht auf GF zu sprechen nachdem was sie in einem anderen Game abgezogen haben und immer noch tun.

    There is a mistake in that video. It says there is a plan to catch up to KR. That obviously not going to happen, because that is "impossibel".

    Mal aus anderen GF Spielen übernommen...

    • Hacking
    • Gold Kauf
    • Echt-Geld Handel
    • Modding
    • Rückbuchungen von Zahlungen oder ausstehende Zahlungen
    • Wiederhohltes schlechtes Verhalten

    Und so weiter... Kurzum Verstoß gegen die AGBs. So gesehen kann GF machen was sie wollen, was natürlich nicht in ihrem Interesse ist. Solange man nicht negativ auffällt passiert auch nix. In­te­r­es­san­ter­wei­se habe ich GF nur selten Bug-Abuse bestrafen sehen.

    I don't think the treat of security issues big enough to make a decision based on just that. As far as I know you also can't just simply switch between steam and standalone. Those are two different accounts.

    One thing to consider is the steam update issue. That may not be fixed anytime soon. If it's an issue with the Steam API and they can't find a good workaround GF might not bother at all with it until Valve provides a way to do so. That then exactly the situation I mentioned.

    No, if anything it's less secure. Steam simply starts the normal client and adds an overlay. In other words your privacy informations are shared with another company, while everything that's present with the standalone version is still present. Considering you are sharing more data over the internet, there is a wider area to attack from. There is also the possibility of incompatibility causing bugs.

    Standalone clients are always better unless you really want the additional features. The developers can't fix bug in the steam API, the third party needs to. Everything they developed them self they can fix them self. Let's say there is an security issue. You would have to wait for an update of the steam API to fix it. Depending on how steam is used one may not be able to update easily. If it's your own code you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

    Something someone has to explain to me about that video...

    1. How that can be considered a "Teaser"
    2. Why it is not listed

    I have said this in the past, but I do to get the feeling GF is really cares about their games. The most effort put into this was most likely thinking of the headline. If I compare that with some other companies... Well, I guess GF doesn't need to.

    I took the freedom to dislike the video. Might as well don't post it at all. :|

    I can only tell you what i now form another game, so don't assume it's automatically the same here.

    There is a Community Manager, a Product Manager and Portfolio Manager. What a Community Manager does is simply writing reports. Those reports need to be read but together, and so on... I don't think it's hard to image that this is time consuming. In other words, if you complain about something, it goes trough multiple stages and people, who are not even directly involved with the community. You are probably aware of the game Chinese whispers. I assume similar things happen hear.

    Next consider what GF is. A company with a lot of games. SW is not the game that keeps them alive. They also have to manage, multiple of them. As such they are using standard procedure for the majority of their game most likely. Now, at least parts of the staff is also handling multiple communities. As such the attention GFr can give to every individual game is less the what a publisher of a single game can. This isn't GFs life line. Additionally, add that multi server nonsense.

    Now then, that is a possible nice excuse, but does't solve the problem. Form my point of view over the past years with GF, they simply are not read to satisfied their customers. It seems to me they are some years behind in that regards. Other companies act in a much more modern way, at least it seem that way to me. So we will only see an average performance because that is every GF can do as of now. Unfortunately their is no competition when in comes to such types of games, like you see with some region getting a region block. Only when you have a monopoly you get away with sich things, which is the case here. Otherwise you would simply lose all your customers, but as it stands they only real option is not to play. So GF does not need to care that much, as long as they still print black numbers. However I will still say this: Good games sell better.

    While I like the idea, I don't think that will ever happen. You basically go against what LionGames want you to pay for. This is basically asking to give out products for free. I am note supporting such an naiv idea. Please try to refine it first, afterward I may rethink my opinion of this. For example, you may still require a 10~20€ cash shop item to upgrade it once the exp bar is full. Or even multiple depending on the upgrade level.

    • Ja, ich möchte nicht etwas grinden nur um auf 55 zu kommen, um dann etwas anderes zu grinden, das erst ab 55 freigeschattet wird.
    • Ja ich möchte nicht auf 55 grinden müssen um einen Großteil der Features freischalten zu können.
    • Ja ich möchte nicht auf 55 die Dungeon noch öfter grinden müssen, nur um einen Drop mit schlechten Stats zu bekommen.

    Ja ich bin ein böser Mensch. Ein Game muss muss sich für mich doch tatsächlich belohnend anfühlen sonst spiele ich es nicht.

    That is the probably the dumbest thing I ever heard to be honest.

    I am sure it's not. Also, watch your languages, I get triggered easy by such rude comments. Especialy because it was just a wild guess.

    but the majority just want their bloody +9 perfect tagged stat roll pre-nerfed weapon. And whether it takes 10 WUCs, 1,000 WUCs or 10,000 WUCs

    Your are basically saying the prices are that high because whales buy all the supply and money comes form bots. Where is the data to base this statement on? Most of what you say is a theory. You assume there are enough whales and you assume that enough people buy gold to influence the prices that much. How to you come up with this? All you see are listings and that's it. There is no indicator to know who is buying and where the money comes form buying it.

    As i said its a theory, not a fact. I have no reason to thrust what you said unless you provide me with the source of your information.

    If anything.... they remove WUC from drop pool?

    The final boss still seems to drop it:

    If it's just the WUC, increase their drop rates. Nobody will buy them for 100m if you can get one guaranteed one per endgame dungeon run.

    I am still surprised were all that demand for those comes from. Reselling maybe? Goldbots only explain how people can afford that, not why they buy them in the first place.

    yeah fuck everyone who enjoys different aspects of the game than me, especially those damn roleplayers

    Are you okay? Nobody is trying to start a fight or anything. It was just a simple question.

    Something tells me this is more hyped up then what it's worth in the end...

    Do you get anything out of it beside some pretty looking room inside a monitor?

    You obviously wouldn't merge NA and EU. Those servers are at two different locations and the ocean matters in terms of latency unlike the European continent.

    I am actually surprised they even made different European servers. Why? Only reason I can think of is "We always did it that way" without really questioning if it is the right decision. However, I think a merge isn't just a question of GF wanting to do this, it's also a question of LG wanting to support GF doing it.

    In general I think of GF as a "big company". Slow and conservative, unlike fast an spontaneous startups. They have a lot of games so one of said games doesn't matter that much. Smaller companies may only have one game, so they naturally put more effort into promoting it. On the other hand, because GF has so many games it doesn't matter if one of them is "less popular" as long as another one makes up for it. Of course the popular ones get the most attention.

    So will we get a merge? Maybe. We are still in "new game mode" so they put more effort into this game then others. GF has shown in the past that they do listen. It just that it takes extremely long to make a decision, especially such a big one. We might have to wait a year or two.