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    Peut etre car ils ont annoncés un Q&A dans lequel toutes ces questions et plus encore ont été posées.

    Et pour ta gouverne je n'arrive pas à trouver le moment auquel tu es devenu toxique ? lvl 1 ?

    Et le bonus de zele permanent il est ou ? et la 2e partie de GCC elle est ou ? et les annonces des dates des advancements elles sont ou ? et le VIP pnj il a disparu ? :3

    Okay , so you are just not caring much about us then, for hours of problems we got something in compensation but for days ? we only got a sorry we are not good on communication.

    To keep in mind to be a good community manager ^^

    at this point I would just say forget about it. Like someone said they probably did these at gamescom or some sht. but if they did do a recording they should have uploaded it. but its w/e. If they are taking this long just to answer questions then this just tells me they aint wanna say anything

    got info from guys at gamescom and they answered a few questions but it wasnt clear that was that

    I think the main topic is in the title,

    and seriously a Q&A is something for beginners in communication, you can't find someone to answer questions, you tell that you can't answer because <insert legit reason> / you answer easy questions.

    so actually when anyone with a keyboard can make one, why tell us to ask questions and NEVER answer to them ? it's totally not a benefit for you.

    So please can you , not answer question now im not that stupid, tell me in how much time / weeks / months we could hope for an answer ? or tell us its done you can't make a Q&A and we forget it.

    But dont tell us : "It arrive just wait a few more DECADES"

    i dont think we are over geared because i grind the 2 new areas with my lvl 16 exp weapon in +7 and still run solo in 3 min each area

    If u use the /monsterstatus 1 command you will see that any npc got around 20-50 k HP

    And any elite monsters 200K in manic of course.

    Actually without spiritual stones with a lvl 16 weapon with my guillottine i almost one shot elites.

    So dont tell us it is gear the problem because its not.

    Actually, i think candus monsters have more HP.

    bon quand est ce que tu nous fais des screens sympas au lieu d'un casual "first" ?

    Parceque bon ou est linteret detre first lvl 60 / rang A vert quand ca napporte aucun bonus ingame et que dans 2 semaines tout le monde le sera avec les repetables gcc ?

    As already announced, we will have this update tomorrow. ;)

    -detailed information will follow tomorrow in the News-

    • The Megaphone is now only useable starting from level 25 to prevent abuse.

    <3 ya for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had enough with the gold seller spam

    Or random new stream lvl 10 spam xD