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    I am confident that all players are beaming with joy that we finally have a worthwhile update. However, as I said, you are too naive, the job chain that opens the dizer worker .... is incomplete, so wait another month or even two. It's a pity I didn't argue with anyone, I could have won a lot of gold.8)

    imagine not knowing how desireworker quest works, there's ways to get around it.

    Tell me ... I'll be glad to see you bypass the quest and get a new improvement ... which is not even in the game.8)

    I think the quest tell you to do primal hero OR viilor M/hh.

    For the update rate, nope, you are definitely wrong.

    Not good at basic pattern recognition huh? It's ok. I thought I made it simple for you but maybe not.

    Well, sorry, at my place a month it's 30-31 days. Don't know how work where you live. 8)

    We agree that liongames don't have the best programmers, but if gameforge had done it's job we could have had chii in october or november even without the code merge.

    Like i said we could have had all the missing content like corrupted records or dh pt.1 before october and chii on november if they had done their job

    For the update rate, nope, you are definitely wrong.

    If they release an update, for example, on the first of november and the next update is on december 30th it's not a month, it's 2 months.

    So, dw released after 1 month and half, i think dh pt. 3 will be at least on november 26 or most likely first week of december.

    but even if they start to give us a patch every month, then what? In the kr version there are two update per month, we get one at best. We will fall behind more and more.

    I think we are playing different games.

    Really, Chii was released early? If gameforge was a decent publisher we could have had chii at october-november 2019, but with all the previous content released before and without the bugs, but no, gameforge choose to not release content and give us chii ahead of schedule. This is liongames's choice? I don't think so, i think gameforge choose to do so to sell chii's outfits.

    And again, we are playing different games for sure, i don't know were you have seen a patch every month. The year 2020 started with gameforge's promise to give us chii's advancement in the first quarter..... but nope, we didn't get it and they released dipluce pt. 2 in april, 4 months from the last content and 3 months and one week after the start of the year.

    After that we got the ranks, but it's not a real content and we skip to june when we got HH, half a year gone with 2 content update.

    You are probably talking about what we got after HH, a month after hh we got brooch renewal, after that we got chii advancement and after corrupted records, so only 3 updates at 1 month rate, but as expected now again a month and half and it will not surprise me if the next content will be again 1 month and half from desire worker or even more.

    To win over burning? They have already lost even before the server is online.

    I just hope for you guys that my guess is wrong...

    Well, they specified somewhere that Desire Worker will be a part of the next update. And Desire Worker requires Corrupted 2nd part and this special Yorhaka district to be achieved.

    So, if they don't add that, they lied (again).


    You are completely right .... I have nothing to say. I completely agree with you and do not hope for a miracle.

    Well, i'm the first to hate gameforge and their slow update rate, but in the original version haru and erwin's corrupted records were in the same patch with desireworker, so both will be here at the same time.

    Now, with the return of the infamous server and the release of new games i think it's a good idea to stay on our good side, to lie again doing a useless update instead of the promised corrupted+desire worker it's too much even for gameforge.

    Yes, well, 6k more crit dmg, 10% more boss dmg and 10% attack speed, i think it's stronger than aov.

    An hho set with just crit chance and cd reduction it's still better than a perfect aov set and 6k crit dmg it's a lot (20-25% more)

    It is definitively stronger, but not significantly(Like for example primal gear vs aurith is a significant improvement). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying HHO is not worth. It is worth it as long as you can waste mats on it, but if you are not able to do that, then you'd be better off keeping your maximized aov set with dh accessories.

    Every set after the current one has to be at least slightly better than the previous to make it worth it otherwise there will be no point; however, if you don't have the materials to make each piece +9, then you are very likely missing the stats enhancement could bring you. It'd be nice to have transfer enhancement, but that's not something they are likely to do.

    Well, now i can be on your side if we were somewhere else than gfsw.

    But we are here, the latest raid was released 1 year and 3 months ago and we had many events with materials for upgrade, who don't have enough materials to upgrade 2-3 full sets?

    Hmmm HH gear doesn't seem as impressive as I initially would have thought. A bad HH set might be questionable when paired against a good AoV set. But I doubt that a decent HH set is going to be any worse than AoV.

    may i ask which set you looked at? extended is such a huge difference in almost every stat. you can make that argument "a bad x set might be worse against a good x set" for almost anything lmao.. that's why you don't settle for a bad set??

    Huge difference is overstretching it. As I mentioned before the only big difference is 20% boss and 5k crit dmg. You can look it up yourself or you can just wait and see for yourself if GF ever brings it. But if you got mats and money to throw away, it doesn't hurt to +9 another set that will be replaced regardless. Let me not forget to mention that at first HHO gear was not strong enough when it was first released. Obviously, they buffed it and made it better but not significantly better.

    Yes, well, 6k more crit dmg, 10% more boss dmg and 10% attack speed, i think it's stronger than aov.

    An hho set with just crit chance and cd reduction it's still better than a perfect aov set and 6k crit dmg it's a lot (20-25% more)

    Nope, it's not worth.

    They are just giving to you something to play to divert you from the game's problems, but they will never improve the game's conditions.

    Stella's soulcry have a bug from september, 8 months to fix a single skill (only if they fix it, but i think they want to hit the record with 1 year without fix)

    They gave us back the rift arena to let play the pvp players, well, before the rift arena was extremely unfair and with glitch abuser ecc. now it's even more unfair, and they added rng to the points drop, ggwp threea :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Of, of course don't need to say that the lack of updates it's the big problem of this game, in the letter to the community they said that after we will be in pair with the code merge they will bring updates with the same rate as before, the only problem is that the update rate from before was slow, even if not as much as now.