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    1.) Yes. I've solo'd the boss in maniac myself to 30 bars without losing any lives. It's a matter of learning. I can even provide video evidence as well. Everyone has that capability. If I can get that far with lowend gear anyone can do it with lowend gear.

    2.) Says who? If you run it a couple of times you understand the gist. The boss isn't anything complex to handle. It's all muscle memory at the end of the day. It boils down to your DPS at the end of it all. And 4 members with lowend gear is more than enough to wither away his regeneration armor.

    3.)Lack of DPS is relevant. I even pointed that out when I said I can only get him to 30 bars in a solo run before his healing negates me. 4 people with +6~+7 gear is more than enough to suffice during that phase. I also have video evidence of why I feel that is the case, considering the damage I do to his regeneration armor with lowend stats.

    4.)Assuming things go your pessimistic route, yes. If you automatically feel everyone will fail to start with, then there's not much of an argument to be had, is there?

    5.)"The other members DPS decreases due to: Not wanting to die and one missing member." Uh, during the healing phase? Where he's stationary, and you're not bound to die unless he's stationary over a hole or you somehow forget to destroy the exploding core?

    6.)Referencing number 4. Assuming things go your pessimistic route, yes. But you'd need more proof to assert that a 4 man party doesn't have a chance. Otherwise that's just all talk.

    7.) Uh, Okay?

    "+6 and +7 players have gathered and they've stopped?" Citation needed. I'm not sure what server you play, but the last time I checked I've only ever seen the same people making parties, ever since AOV was released. Those same people are the whales with +8s and +9s. Or the fortunate few that got a +8 through sheer luck. The small amount of players with lowend gear that try to make parties, they're sitting in queue for hours because no one will join their party. And this has been the case ever since the community has withered away during the start of Golden Citadel and throughout Primal. Are you just pulling that out of your ass?

    This brings me to my point: I strongly disagree with your statement on how "bigger population would solve the issue" when It wouldn't. Requirements are still a thing, if you don't meet them then you won't progress. The only thing a "bigger population" would do is increase the likelihood of somebody helping others to gear up. If you are strong enough, then you will find a party, but if you are not then chances you won't.

    Except I strongly disagree with your statement as well. It would help solve the issue because there would be a larger assortment of players to sort through that are dealing with similar disadvantages - being unable to meet the requirements set in place by better geared players.

    The requirements (which do exist, yeah) are roughly along the lines of: +8,+9 and 1400~1500 accuracy. Given the low chance of obtaining a +8 or a +9 outside of being a whale, I can say that if there were more players, there would be a larger assortment of players sporting a +6 or a +7 as average. Why do I feel this way? Because +6 and +7 WAS average when the community on Tenebris was still lively. Not everyone wants to waste a crap ton of money on gear they'll soon abandon in a year. Most people are okay with the bare minimum to get by. I don't see why it wouldn't follow suit again if more people started to play. And if there are more +6 and +7 players then they would start to play among themselves when they can't meet the demands of better geared players. This in itself would eliminate a lot of the problem with progressing at endgame.

    Lol, I'm a hikikomori. I literally can (and have) played this game for 24 hours straight. I can tell you that around 8PM~10PM (which would be the population "burst"), there's hardly anyone on, at least on Tenebris. I can record a video for you if you'd like? Would be annoying, but like I said, I'm a hikikomori, I can get it done. And this phenomenon is the same in every game you go to, but my main point would be - if the population was bigger this wouldn't screw some people over. I, nor anyone else (newcomer or not) should have to rely on a small group of people at endgame to progress any further. There should be enough people playing so that parties are constantly being made. If that's not happening, then I question the state of the population in the game.

    I don't know what server holds most of that static population, but I can assure you it is not the North American server.

    i dunno gaiz~ tis feels pretty much like only 22 players play Tenebris.

    No, let's be real. The population is pretty static if we take into the account of every server, but the population is spaced out between those servers. Right now on NA it feels - no, looks like there's only ever 22 players playing on it.

    Everyone right now is in Grasscover. Every other city is bare. Give or take a couple of players in Rocco and Ruin. Play the game for 24 hours if you want and count how many of the same players you see. You mainly only ever really see one or two guilds as well. Son Lovuntus or whatever hispanic/latin name it is being the main one. AND THEY ONLY PLAY AMONG THEMSELVES.

    Good luck progressing any longer if you're not in that tiny group of friends. AOV is impossible to solo unless you got lucky and got a +8(maybe) or +9 Primal weapon. Trust me, I've tried. It's only possible to get the boss below 30 bars before your damage is negated thanks to his regeneration. At this point, unless there's a server merge... there's literally no future on this game for some players. I should know. I'm personally experiencing it every time I decide to give this server another chance.

    Keep it. Soon there will be an update where you can combine non-hidden akasha cards and it'll become hidden. It's a pain trying to drop 5 star cards because of their rarity. Best to shorten the grind as much as you possibly can.

    Feedback? It's probably best at this point for all who haven't gotten the memo yet. Jump ship to a different server or just forget about the game in general.

    There's no point in making lengthy threads like this anymore. This game was great. Had lots of potential, but I doubt there's anything more that can be done. I doubt the people in charge care enough to change what's wrong either. The whole reason fortune wheels probably exist is out of desperation to turn more profits in a game that isn't marketable for reasons x y and z. The issues with the servers aren't being fixed either because no one really plays, so why bother? Why the hell are we making compromises? The players just want to play a game and let off stress after dealing with crap in the real world. If they're not willing to change the core elements of which is making this game fail then let them kill the game. This isn't just directed at Gameforge either. Liongames's is 50% at fault as well. They should have done their research to see what type of company Gameforge was and withheld the rights from them. The things Gameforge does or doesn't do Liongame's should have told them to not do it. I'm not sure what server(s) hold most of the 1.4k potentially 2k daily players, but it sure isn't NA like most people claim. There's quite literally no reason to even play anymore considering the fact that future content requires pre-made parties, and there's only about what appears to be 50 players on at any given moment on NA. At this rate... people will be stuck with Altar of Void gear for probably 2 years or more due to the lack of people playing. Positivity? I was very optimistic in the first 6 months of the game despite the game constantly crashing, the toxic community that excluded other players, etc. At this point... I'm pretty much fed up. I don't care if a game has loot boxes, I don't care if I'm the last person playing in a dead game. I don't care if content is slow. All I care about is being able to play. I can't even get that ONE thing that should be a given thanks to all these performance issues that are never addressed. Took 6 months for the crashing issues to be fixed. Gonna have to wait another 6 or more for the performance issues to be resolved now? You check other servers there's frequent maintenance to keep the server healthy. I've played on Japan and Burning and there aren't or very minimal performance issues. Nothing too game breaking. Here on Gameforge though there's performance issues everywhere. A lot of which are game breaking. They bring the servers down for maintenance on Gameforge about every once a month? For what? What do they address or fix? Servers still crash every other week. Game still has fps issues. Spikes every time you do something. They don't even have the audacity to tell us what it was for in detail. So really. What's the point?

    threea  Albus 

    I can think of a few that contradict this though.
    Very well written story? The translation is kinda wonky. And a lot of things are translated differently than they are in the original text. For example: A lot of the NPC names are different. Rather it's for flavor or not it's still wrong.

    The combat is iffy at best on NA. Constant crashing when the game first launched. Now followed by FPS issues after Lily's advancement is hardly close to be considered "fluent combat."

    A lot of what you mention on the Pros has nothing to do with NA in particular. It's universal on all servers.

    Cosmetics releases are very much up-to-date with KR version. At the cost of a very limited amount of people owning them thanks to loot boxes for more than half of all released costumes. And it's obviously going to continue into the future.

    "So, do I just only need to install the Steam app, login my account, download the game and will everything still be there?"


    The data will still be there. All your character data is server-sided. So as long as the servers are still active you should retain all your progress.

    Saber cosmetics?

    People seem rather pissed for the pointless tweet. KR's video showed her illustration(Arguable a tease) while GF is straight out teasing her. I guess it have more to do with people pissed about the lack of content.

    Yeah, Gameforge seems to handle things in a very weird manner. If I have to put it nicely...

    Pretty strange for a company that has been around since the early 2000s.

    And the picture that has surfaced is from data mining iirc?

    No. Look at the video I posted. Skip to minute 1:45. It was announced about the same day for some reason. KR through a video and GF through twitter.

    Yeah, I just saw it. I got my hands on the picture floating around before they dropped a video on their social media. That's why I said that at first. But it still stands. The character hasn't even dropped on KR. I highly doubt they're going to release her on all servers at the same time. There's not even a release date scheduled for her in KR yet. The Onstove promotion page isn't teasing her. And the site isn't mentioning anything about her. I don't think it's anything to get worked up over.

    Could go either way. On one hand a new character would please more people than a new class advance. Not everyone plays Stella. I know I don't. Thus the next major update that is Stella's class adv would be a waste of time for me. On the other hand there's probably a schedule they're abiding by and Stella's will most likely release next anyway. The character hasn't even fully launched in KR. And the picture that has surfaced is from data mining iirc? I don't know why Gameforge decided to post it on their Twitter. I guess because more people would anticipate a sexy new character and they hope to draw more people in that way? I don't know.

    I appreciate the freebes and whatnot. But on the same token, since it seems this event has reset the market, it's going to be that much harder to meet the ridiculous demands of people selling costumes.

    Most people want 5b+ for costumes and who knows what ridiculous amount for wings. IF energy converter prices stay low like they are now then it'll be all the more harder to afford those things.

    There's also no incentive for the people selling the costumes to lower the prices at all.

    Eh. One step at a time...I Guess... I'll take the wins where I can get them. And this event for the most part is a win.