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    Lol how sad ppls think GF is doing fine and wont drag that game down even more with their decisions KEKW

    Im definitly not pro gameforge but what you write is just not using your head for 1 sec and then playing the victim when people tell you that you dont use your head. Where I come from we say "Your head is there for more than just brushing your hair".

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    Chii had adv after 1 year so ephnel should wait like she lol

    And im asking cuz its GF so i wonder if they want lose even more players with some cringe idea LUL

    No you dont ask cause you want to know, you ask cause you want to trigger the community. Its more than obvious that we will get ALL desire workers when the last char that was released is shown. If you cant get that then IDK.

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    I don't know if the only credibility a person has is that they subscribed to 2 content creators then that doesn't seem too credible to me.

    Also this whole thread is about us not getting updates and your whole Argumentation is basically:

    "You don't get these updates cause we don't get updates".

    Which completely misses the whole point of this thread.

    And also even talking about Pvp in this game takes all credibility away from someone cause that means the person after however much playtime they have still didn't understand that this game ISN'T, WON'T AND SHOULDN'T be balanced for pvp cause whatever you will do, it won't work. The character kits are just not thought out for pvp, so if you would want to balance it you would either need to change all the characters completely or ban certain skills and even if you would do that Pvp wouldn't be enjoyable because of the net code of the game, everything is desynched...

    And if you wanna know about my credibility:

    - Beta Player

    - High end gear (not completely perfect but close to)

    - Content creator

    - Guide writer

    - I support a lot in the official discord

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    1. Its rly hard to read your texts please try to write them a bit more readable.

    2. In your post you talk about the Rift Arena and balancing, while this game WAS NEVER and WILL NEVER supposed to be balanced for pvp. Your class doesnt even matter in PvP with the right gear you receive 1 dmg on 100k hp.

    3. People are sad about not getting class revamps because their classes should have gotten them for a long time already.

    We are missing:

    Erwin: Atleast 3 rebalances that I know
    Haru: 1 rebalance of that I know + a visual update
    Chii: 0 rebalances of that I know
    Stella: Im not sure
    Jin: Too many to count rebalances
    Iris: Same deal as Jin
    Lily: Atleast 1 rebalance which completly overhauls the whole char and basically changes the char completly.

    People dont ask for rebalances themselves, the majority of this community wants these rebalances ! If you dont want them thats fine but dont tell people that they are the only ones who want them.

    4. We miss so much content and are so far behind Korea now that it is just laughable. But its not only Korea, we are far behind JP and EVEN TW aswell. Imagine a Taiwanese Soulworker release being bigger than a release for the game in most likely the 2 most profitable continents.

    5. Also we get lied at from CMS like Threea about why content had to be released later and when content will be released (I like to remind everyone that it was said that Chiis Advancement got shifted to a later date due to them wanting to release the chii advancement together with a content update THAT EVERY CLASS CAN ENJOY) Fast forwartd to the Chii advancement patch and we got nothing except the advancement.

    6. Then the content we got after that is corrupted record. Can we call it new content? It was lvl 60 content in KR and we are after HH release in our Version with the lvl cap being 65, so how can people be ok with that?

    PS: Also I would like to ask you to stay out of this discussion, because alone from what youve written I can tell that you arent far in the game or didnt played this game for a long time or if you did you did play it VERY casually and arent knowing what youre talking about.

    Technically what this game needs now is a big content release pakage that includes more than just a small content update than just Desire worker. We technically need a patch in the next 3 month that adds Lunarfall, Ephnel, DesireWorker, all class revamps up to Lunfarfall release and atleast Ephnel advancement if not even Ephnel desireworker too. Too stay in any way competitive to the other versions and the soon outcoming Illegal servers of the game.

    Thats how bad this version stands against the other versions of Soulworker. And yet they decide to rather buy and re release Soulworker Zero than to try to do something with the PC version.

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    Hier ein Screenshot davon

    Das ist ein uraltes Event item, das Event dazu ist schon lange vorbei. Einzige 3 Sachen die du machen kannst sind folgende.

    1. Behalten und hoffen dass das Event irgendwann mal wieder kommt und die Event items dann noch funktionieren.

    2. Wegwerfen

    3. Beim NPC verkaufen

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    Hmmm I personally dont have anything against the current system.

    Up to 58 = Main quest
    58 - 60 = Lady
    60 - 63 = reported missing + DH main quest
    63 - 65 = other exp quests in DH + DH story

    Its fairly fast and is way better than in beta days, where you lvled like 1 week 24/7 from 50 - 55. So they actually already improved the system A LOT.

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    To the end of the event: A mod in the official discord said it ends with the next update, we werent given a date for the next update though, this means currently no one can tell you when it ends sadly.

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    Level auf 60 und lauf dann Altar der Leere auf maniac. Der gibt dir 700 BP per run.

    Du kannst auch den World Boss Gronko (Spawnt um 19:00 deutscher Zeit) mithnehmen wirst da zwar nicht ins ranking reinkommen aber der droppt ebenfalls Kisten aus denen bis zu 10k BP cubes kommen können.

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    Wo genau spawnt denn der Boss?

    Oben rechts am Bildschirm steht dann irgendwas mit "Notfall" da klickst du drauf und das teleportiert dich da hin.

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    Level auf 60 und lauf dann Altar der Leere auf maniac. Der gibt dir 700 BP per run.

    Du kannst auch den World Boss Gronko (Spawnt um 19:00 deutscher Zeit) mithnehmen wirst da zwar nicht ins ranking reinkommen aber der droppt ebenfalls Kisten aus denen bis zu 10k BP cubes kommen können.

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    Wie mein Vorredner schon sagte: Goldene Zitadelle ab 55 oder wenn du höher bist kannst du am Wochenende in den Dipluce Horizon dungeons auf mania mal gucken ob da "reduced ep consumption" steht, wenn ja dann brauchen die für den Tag nur 0 - 2 EP und wenn du die viel farmst, kommt da auch ne Menge Aether zusammen (musst aber alle drops aufheben). Vorallem Shock and Fear ep1 manic ist ziemlich gut dafür.

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