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    For be a gatcha we not need to have energy system ?

    Overwatch is a gatcha ? we have loot box give rare and sometime limited random virtual item

    Desire worker quest can be finished within 2 days. It won't really increase the activity of players because after a week or less many people will finish the update and get bored again. What we need is more content and QoL improvements (the most important being characters' skill rebalances) and some events that would actually feel rewarding unlike the ones we had recently which were just pure dissapointment. The hype from other new games that came out recently is too big and the game in it's current state won't really attract new players nor keep the old players occupied enough to play the game actively.

    Nice PP

    Pas le choix, tu vas devoir supprimer un personnage (donc celui que tu aimes le moins niveau gameplay ou design) pour pouvoir utiliser le slot en tant que farming akasha/protection.

    Voilà l'une des raisons pour laquelle j'aimerais un véritable système de farm d'akasha/protection sans passer par du reroll.

    Merci je vais a triste regret supprimer un de mes perso 65, pour pouvoir reroll akasha.

    Le prix d'une carte akasha est toujours de 70cts d'euro ?

    I'm not a F2P player but heck if they had some sort of way to get guaranteed 5* cards after buying x amount of akasha cards I'd probably buy akasha cards from the premium shop for once. I don't have tenebris/veneris/arua and that keeps me from competing with anyone for times (even if that isn't my goal in the game I just play to have fun). It's still disheartening...

    I'm not going to waste $100s of dollars on something I may or may not get. That kind of money could go to a whole new $60 game or a fancy dinner or something XD

    So I could totally get behind some kind of system that gives us guaranteed 5* cards. Making it a little F2P friendly from the idea Maurice1234 or Silvery had could help out too ^^

    Event if it's 70$ each ?