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    I expected Slowforge to release Sacred Savior on the fortune wheel

    But I never expect them to put weapon and costume as separate items on the wheel ... Gl ever getting both with their pathetic rng

    Seriously, y can’t u put the whole set in cash shop for 5k soul cash and see if this makes u more money?

    If not then go back to ur fortune wheel cheat spin :cursing:



    u LOLIs ready for spin to win?!? just 4-11 days max of wait then u all can run around with huge twin PONPON

    i can only hope Slowforge will release Jin and Iris at the same time

    if they do, i may even forgive them abit on their trash AR loot box

    ie: which ever Stella does not max out her spin to win deserves LOLI lap pillow treatment!! :*

    3rd main confirmed!! time to think of a good ign to go with her

    Slowforge, how about releasing ur already translated Stella adv along with Jin and Iris too

    i do not believe it can take u 1month 3weeks to translate one single adv

    how much of a slow pace are u going at ...

    and give me my 'Hammer of Rage' for Haru and LEGO housing already!!

    haven't u milked enough with ur current trap AR box, follow by Sacred Savior on fortune wheel :cursing:

    rather than getting Catherine card, try rolling boss 18% on weapon may be an easier choice lol :p

    i guess i can only wish for Lucy and Lex cards, both are too far out of reach right now

    i should be happy with my Shion card but i really want Lucy and Lex too ;(

    Wow, so u decided to delay Sacred Saviour nightmare for another day by releasing another kind of disaster

    And I thought Shion, Nita and Naran AR cards are the last limited cards I will see in this ugly form

    U certainly know how to milk every single player dry ... just how are u expecting players to pull their desired limited cards from 2 tries every 6400 soul cash spent?!?

    I pretty much can say goodbye to my Lucy AR card after seeing today’s world-end rng cards deck ... :cursing:

    I guess Slowforge business model is the following: our cash shop rng-trio (fortune wheel, loot box, world-end AR cards deck) along with our ever-so-slow-releasing adv/patch is the full package deal in creating a healthy soul worker community

    Very soon there is not going be a community if this chaos continues

    with the new 'Sacred Savior' theme on the login page

    i bet tmw Sacred Savior will be added into fortune wheel

    sooo ... who is ready to fork over their life savings to spin to win?!? :*

    why can't login page be silhouettes of Stella and Iris adv ;(

    I’m just happy that this new event is not another gold sink, am really short on Dz after the last one lol ;(

    Slowforge, ty for giving players easy access to Aurith gears so they can eventually be ready for Primal

    NOW, just release the remaining adv in one go will be perfect, HURRY IT UP!! :cursing:


    u poor soul ;(

    i wonder when will NA get loyalty system for NPC Trisha ... or if NA is ever going to get it at all

    i feel like all the time & effort i spent on collecting mats to upgrade is meaningless :rolleyes:

    i know they all have 7 weeks

    PROBLEM IS a single adv does not require 7 weeks to translate and add into the game

    Slowforge apparently is taking its SWEET TIME to drag adv(s) on as long as it can

    and i'm not even asking for new content such as Innocent Daydream, Skyclock Palace, Altar of Void, etc

    @title and @Slowforge

    NA will never catch up to KR in terms of content

    i can accept that, what i CANNOT accept is slowpoke adv releases

    adv is not even content, it's just a revamp/rebalance, easy to translate and add into the game

    content is like new story, new town, new dungeons, etc

    these do take time to translate and add into the game

    the only thing that Slowforge is very good at doing is cosmetics releasing

    NA is pretty much caught up to KR in terms of cosmetics

    i do like this since i love dolling up my Haru & Iris


    down-vote for loot box and fortune wheel though



    Slowforge, are u kidding me with ‘Darling costume’ re-release as ur Thursday item/content?!?

    We have received 2 free darling costumes per account in the past, plus once again no Iris version just like when u re-released maid or lewd maid with no iris version

    Keep failing upwards with ur slowness, I expect the biggest patch next week on 1/17

    And that patch better be all 3 remaining advancements at once

    Stop wasting my time and give me what I want already

    here comes another upgrade-boost event

    i saved all my mats just for this event, and now i'm back to square one ;(

    turned out i got two +8 and one +7 ... which is not looking good, out of 5 pieces of gear

    +8 to +9 is like a rabbit hole ... must have attempted 250 tries cumulatively on a single piece

    i want to cry already ;(;(

    keep up the slowpoke work, gameforge, and i may start cursing u no-good company

    best way to turn this around is to release all left-over adv(s) in one go, one patch and in january

    and y can't iris buy her maid or lewd maid costume? u kept re-releasing them but always missing iris ...

    with all the loot box and fortune wheel going on at horrible rng, u can't even remember to put iris maid/lewd maid in regular cash shop selections/rotations

    plus, i find it even funny when gm asks player to include a screenshot of 'Dreadful Echo' translates to 'Scaredy Cat Radar'

    i really wonder if gm(s) actually do play soul worker or just too busy counting cash

    Okay Gameforge

    in 2 more days, we will be officially 2 weeks from Erwin adv

    from ur Q&A, u said 'Stella adv is scheduled 2 weeks after Erwin adv'

    u better keep to what u said, give me Stella adv on 12/27!!

    and where is my Hammer of Rage costume for Haru ... slowpoke Gameforge :cursing:

    why am i seeing skill delay problem when running dungeons ... GF

    when i throw my Rupture, it comes out 1sec later ... what is this ... potato server??

    i'm in NA and playing on NA server so there is should be no delay issue, fix ur stupid server already, GF

    also, pls fix the error where Haru can be interrupted during her 2nd ultimate skill animation

    it's call an ultimate skill for a reason, FULL I-FRAME!! FIX IT

    Sea Breeze Top was only available during summer time, through a loot (rng) box

    it is not available now but u may find players who sell it, gl

    so its been 3 weeks already with no new cosmetics except Lily's adv costume (alternate color)

    now GF decides to put Magical Girl into fortune wheel (basically loot box)

    and still no update on Stella's adv ... what are u trying to pull here, GF D:


    when can i get new deck of AR cards (Lucy, etc)?? current deck has been here for too long and too plain while brooch has already adv to Fortress

    where is my Hammer of Rage for Haru?? when is Stella's adv?? when can we expect Iris' adv??

    that Q&A vid back then was a joke ... "may combine rest of adv in one go" ... just do 2 at time is all i'm asking

    pls do

    i like to gear up to the max with my credit card!! LOL =^.^= hint hint 'energy converter'


    Albus will there be new cosmetics this Wed/Thurs/Fri?

    we have not seen new costume for a week, other than Lily's Chain of Resolve

    i like to buy Hammer of Rage costume set for my Haru asap!!

    last but not least, when is NA getting Lucy in AR Cards? our current stack is getting pretty plain ... D:

    yes, do do that cuz it seems like u and i will not be seeing eye to eye

    and i certainly am not going to go off a tangent and waste more time

    fyi, kr server has ec in cash shop and in-game farm as well

    when are we going to get PIN lock as a 2nd security measure?

    kr has it and i like it asap so i can keep my account safe