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    i'm interested in new KR costumes coming to NA during a no-content period

    but they can only go so far X/


    pls hurry up with content next week

    getting really annoyed with JP already getting Desire Worker and soon Ephnel in Summer

    while KR is getting all cakes, NA is getting an empty plate :(

    i literally finished the event in 9 days and grew a whole field of mushroom by now

    i can only hope bloomer costume will come next week so at least i can entertain myself abit longer


    waited one month from my last post
    pls remember to include lily remodel and her skill revamp in the next patch

    i'm reminding Gameforge NOT to forget it

    i've been waiting half a year since the last skill revamp

    I do have my own preferred names for these cute pictures <3

    but I recommend u to check them out at in-game Cash Shop

    Gameforge have a pretty good selection of these pictures available in Cash Shop

    this month, while KR is getting more skill rebalance for Haru and Jin, JP is receiving Desire Wortker <3

    we only get a Sprint Event and it probably will last a full month or more

    i really do urge GM threea to push Gameforge to put Hidden Hideout and Chii advancement in the next patch

    pls do not forget to add Lily remodel and skill rebalance + more quality of life improvements

    Corrupted Record and Desire Worker are just right after Chii advancement

    pls dont prolong them

    Gameforge tend to release costumes from time to time, sorta on a rotation

    costumes will range from in-game to cash shop to fortune wheel (rng)

    School Swimsuit was actually craftable twice in-game b4

    summer is coming soon so just wait 1-3 months and u will see lots of bathing suit theme costumes arriving in our server

    Gameforge version does have certain costume we cannot obtain right now

    such as Iris Maid 1 and Lewd Maid, Haru Blade of Rage, and etc

    (1) i recommend you not solo AoV, run it in a group. Golden Citadel is pointless right now unless u want aethar and Primal entry ticket. Postpone Innocent Daydream and Skyclock Palace until later.

    (2) try get Mega or Giga version and unlock 'Effect' slot as well if possible. Try get Smelter for Attack, i use Lifeforce for Defense, these are SD Brooch

    (3) you need more accuracy to run AoV, so i recommend to get the best title in-game. Run 1000 S+ rank dungeon runs and u will get 'Godlike Control Freak' title, see attached picture for title details

    (4) armor chip flexor is pretty much useless, dont waste ur resource on them


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    adding new hairstyle right after Bloomer --> Arua cosplay


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    hidden hideout --> Chii advancement --> corrupted record

    plus a whole bunch of DELAYED 'quality of life improvements' pls


    if possible, pls throw in Ephnel before desire worker

    after all, corrupted record is going to be pretty story heavy, just like DH part3

    i do not want to wait till 2021 to play Ephnel

    i can only hope this stupid virus does not halt the development of soulworker

    Ephnel hype <3


    thank you so much for releasing Bourgeoisie costume for direct purchase in cash shop so quickly <3

    we are still missing some Iris costumes such as Maid 1 and Lewd Maid

    when is Haru Blade of Rage costume coming to cash shop:?:

    pls let KR developer know we are still missing Iris and Chii furniture:!:

    excluding Danmachi collaboration, we are still missing a few hairstyles ranging from Maid 2 --> 2019 bathing suit --> Bourgeoisie --> Bloomer in order

    I cant wait for 2020 summer to see the new bathing suit <3

    as usual, pls release all previous bathing suits in cash shop for direct purchase, including Sailor Swimsuit


    can u pls make sure GF include Lily remodel and skill revamp in the next patch

    hidden hideout is going to be tough raid and i want to make sure Sora is able to utilize her full potential



    i want to thank u and GF again for putting Magical Girls into the Cash Shop for direct purchase, along with their pictures <3

    now just missing Holy Virgins!!

    while i wait for GF to release real content, i been playing other MMORPGs [bns & kritika] to pass time

    for players who do play bns & kritika, u should know the many recent money grabs that occurred

    as a soulworker Cash Shop white knight, i say GF is no where near as money grab as the other two

    i just want to quickly share my 2 cents on this lol :) pls continue to phase out loot box/fortune as much as u can, GF ^^

    back to content, 'i' beg of u, pls hurry up and release real content

    i am desperately wanting to play more soulworker with new content

    she is on my 'want to marry her' LIST lol <3

    she pulls off that tight swimsuit-like costume very well

    although I prefer not so restraint type swimsuit

    it is somewhat uncomfortable to wear, imo :*