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    i just noticed Clothes Swap Class Qube [1 day] under Events tab in Home-o-Mat shows 'Reset every Thursday at 9AM'

    is that reset timer correct:?:why a [1 day] duration event costume lasts 1 day but resets in [7 days] ...

    pls fix it, either i can craft it once per day or change [1 day] to [7 day]


    just add Clothes Swap perm in Cash Shop so i can buy it with Soul Cash

    i've waited for 'Blade of Rage' costume for my Haru tooo long:!:

    i also checked Market, 'Blade of Rage' costume pieces are already inserted into Market list

    which means it can be bought from Cash Shop

    HURRY UP and put it in Cash Shop already:!:

    Oh, so we still have quite a lot of content to be released until Chii Aruel debuts

    1. AR Cards system revamp + new KR AR Cards [Lucy, Lex, Shiho all waifu material ^^]

    2. Primal Hero

    3. <3 Iris model upgrade + skill/animation balance + thumbnail illustration improvements <3

    4. Corrupted Records

    5. <3<3 new summer bathing suits <3<3

    6. <3<3<3 Chii Aruel <3<3<3

    7. Diflus Horizon

    Oh, last thing

    can we get upgrade event this weekend? i feel like the last upgrade event was EONS ago

    same thing for double drop event

    i want to check to see if event gift in Cash Shop contains

    x2 High-quality Chip Flexor Dispenser: Attack 2


    x8 High-quality Chip Flexor Dispenser: Defence 2

    is High-quality 'yellow color'? i received white color, green color, and blue color

    i thought High-quality is 'yellow color' - Unique rank

    Oh GM threea updated it, looks like no High-quality from free gift

    also, why do Gameforge put Clothes Swap 1 day in Gardening Event D:

    why can't u put it in Cash Shop so i can buy it with Soul Cash ...

    i've been asking for this costume [Blade of Rage for Haru] on forum for a very long time More fortune wheel!!



    i do not see Primal weapon & armors under the list of

    • Following weapons and equipment now have an improved chance of being upgraded:

    does Primal gear have an improved chance of being upgraded like other lv55 gear pieces? ty for responding in advance


    1 - Gameforge did not announce the extension of Easter Event until this Thursday 10:30AM and after i posted this thread at 8:45AM

    Easter Event supposed to end this Thursday but Gameforge extended it probably due to preparing for another big update

    pls do keep us updated on new content/cosmetics release, i was sooo looking forward to May 9 patch and now i have to wait more

    2 - Haru modelling + skill balance are small items comparing to actual content release such as Skyclock Palace or Diflus Horizon or Chii Aruel

    Gameforge already put Stella modelling and skill balance for Haru & Stella together with Jin Advancement Update: Jin’s Expansion – it’s raining blows

    so it is proven to be very easy for Gameforge to include Haru modelling + skill balance with Skyclock Palace update

    stop delaying anymore because Iris modelling + skill balance is next after Haru's

    3 - cosmetics are even smaller items to be included in every week releases easily

    who here likes Silver Knight hairstyle? EVERYONE :) who here wants Silver Knight hairstyle now? EVERYONE :D

    Maid & Lewd Maid have been re-released more than once after Iris is released yet still no Iris version

    Gameforge has been re-releasing cosmetics for a while since NA has caught up to 99% of KR cosmetics

    why not Iris Maid & Lewd Maid:?:just where is my Hammer of Rage for Haru:?:and where is my Iris furniture set:?:

    does it take forever to translate these cosmetics above which are supposed to be released EONS ago:!:

    4 - due to NA shockingly still does not have a reliable upgrade success system, i say 1000%-2000% boost in upgrade chance is pretty fair

    okay, maybe 1000%-2000% boost is abit too much, but 100%-200% boost is definitely doable, and i've seen 100% released ONLY ONCE in 1 year 3 months since the launch of Soulworker NA

    am i doomed to never +9 my gear or am i doomed to waste ton of aether and still no +9

    5 - i want AR Cards system revamp plus new KR AR cards ofc

    i already have every OP AR cards NA has to offer, i like to get Lucy, Lex, Shiho next

    this is tooo much to read

    my MAIN POINT for posting this opening thread is to remind Gameforge to release EASY content asap

    i have been waiting since April 17 and x5 runs of Innocent Daydream per day per character is not enough

    at least let me run around with my Silver Knight hairstyle + Hammer of Rage on my Haru


    tomorrow is May 9 which marks the end of Easter Event

    where is patch details for tomorrow:?:

    shouldn't NA be getting Skyclock Palace update along with AR Cards system revamp:!:

    where is my Haru modelling + 2nd skill balance:!:see Haru modelling

    when are u adding Silver Knight hairstyle and Original Swap costume in Cash Shop:!:

    Iris is still missing her Maid and Lewd Maid costume:!:see More fortune wheel!!

    last update was Innocent Daydream + Easter Event on April 17

    shouldn't NA be getting 1000%-2000% Upgrade Boost Event after Easter Event:!:

    after all, Easter Event was broken for 5 days which resulted in excess free anti & strength supply

    plus late-comers pretty much doomed

    it is now 12:00AM, May 9 at NA

    and i'm seeing zero patch details