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    The first thing you need to find is proper sentence structure, punctuation included. The second is the proper way to provide us with necessary information.

    I'm just going to give you the general idea on how people do this nowadays:
    1. Get to level 57;

    2. Take the red advancement quest;

    3. Do what it asks you to until you need to enter Last Carnival;

    4. Take the red quest in Rucco Town asking you to clear Last Carnival;

    5. Clear it in normal mode;

    6. Repeat the same pattern for other raids.
    Basically, you need 3/4 rookie raids for advancement quest anyway so you do both at the same time while paying attention to your quest objectives. The rookie raid quests can be found in their corresponding cities. I did those ages ago so I don't remember too well though.

    The quest to enter golden citadel appears in grace city or ruin fortress if i remember correctly and it's a red quest too, as is the Primal quest (that one appears after you complete the GC quest i believe). Basically whenever you're looking for something important, try the red ones first. Also, some later raids like VA require you to be level 60.

    Boosting gear acquisition and/or upgrading one or two tiers below current is a common practice in MMOs. Just noting that this may be what they think they are doing, I completely agree that this is bs though.

    "Discussion", "soon", "looking at ways to improve the situation", that's all we get. What discussion takes over a year? 'soon' relative to what? The apocalypse? Looking at ways to improve the situation? What's there to look at? The system is there, already developed and working in a number of other versions. All the alternatives I can think of:
    [dubious] Chance boosts in events;
    Permanent base chance boosts;

    Implementation of existing system;

    [again, dubious] Special items that boost the upgrade chance for x tries or duration.

    Out of all of these the two best choices are obvious (or I'm biased) in both ease of implementation and effectiveness. If they want to decline these and discuss, why not just tell us what the real problem with each of those is and state what they want. I'm sure we'll get plausible solutions within 24 hours, not a year and going. This communication of yours, apart from a few select posts, is just an illusion. They're not telling us anything. We don't even know what impact the community mods have on the publisher, if any at all. Honestly I doubt it even matters what their opinion is, what's there to say about ours.

    In which case we (the whole community I believe) strongly suggest LG to properly test the content they're forwarding to our version so neither we nor GF needs to report such 'bugs' that are painfully obvious for anyone who has actually tried out the event. And in the case of eggs, when the damage has already been done, what sane person would waste the effort to make the situation even worse? Should've just rolled with it.
    As for GF and Us, there was no communication that a bug was even present, and GF released the event despite it. So there's absolutely no testing neither from LG nor from GF? I'm sure some of us here or over there would happily volunteer play-testing to prevent these disasters.

    I'd still say that's the case. Who'd put it on for a price and make it free the next day? Besides, from my personal experience their social media management is not as good as their game and shop management.

    I don't know if I can phrase this right, but improve the quality of the upgrading process at Trisha:

    We have to check to use anti-destructions after every attempt, making it easy to accidentally break your weapon. Save the option or make it enabled by default when possible;

    Decrease the animation time, or, better yet, disable the animation entirely. One upgrade attempt takes over 10 seconds when you see protected and failed, which is a ridiculous waste of time for a button click. Maybe it'd be ok (not really) if we had to go through it 20 times, but not hundreds.

    Both Grutin World and Snow White Eggs are recycled events (socks replaced with eggs), you can just check out the news for back when they came out to get the idea. As far as Grutin World goes, people tend to skip normal mode entirely, only kill the angel grutin, and leave, since there's no really good drops there, especially from normal grutins. Personally there are no noticeable rewards but some people might be interested in the grutin akashas they can drop.

    For Socks Eggs, you need to buy thousands of them. It's an event specifically made to empty our pockets. Last time it was infinite ECs, this time it's infinite Anti-Destructions and Upgrade Covers for the most part (ofc both events have other things, too). Great for getting 1000 tries to go from +8 to +8 on some gear.

    Event titles are for show only, not stats.

    I did take ECs as my emphasis there but it's not limited to that, all significant changes to items should be mentioned. For soulbound items, that solution is sticking in front of everyone's eyes so hard even a blind man could see it. If gf wanted them bound, they'd be bound. For warnings maybe you misinterpreted, maybe took the joke too seriously, I meant that it'd be fair to state something like "we aim to make x more accessible to everyone by doing y and z, and carrying it out within the next few months". Taking the effort someone made and deleting it is plenty upsetting, but that's not even the point, communication is. If you still think it's better to drop a nuke on us out of the blue then I guess it's a matter of perspective.

    So as GF officially released sockworker 2.0 I believe they deserve a round of applause. Free items for everyone, our pockets emptied, great for newbies and all. But in honour of our fallen comrades who took hits in the tens of billions of dz, several times now, may I humbly suggest you to warn us with something a little less subtle than "we're constantly monitoring the market situation"? How about "our plans for the next 6 months include decreasing the value of item["x"] by approx. 40-50 times" instead? The first thought after taking the hits was "that really friggin hurt" and then "No More Sorrow" started playing in my head.

    Anyway, since bringing negativity to this thread would probably be bad, let me set the rest of the jokes aside and move on to the suggestions:

    Please, do share your plans in more detail with us, that one was serious;
    Since the market is already currently in the process of being screwed over, now's the perfect time for whatever else might cause problems to it, like server merges and item changes. Heck, at this point you could just have Yumi sell ECs for x million dz;

    And lastly, how is cutscene skip not a thing here yet? Or even better, simply remove them from some places. Golden Citadel, which shouldn't even be worth a minute compared to AoV, can take 6 minutes just because of cutscenes and some wooden hardware newbie loading for 100 seconds, meanwhile the boss gets deleted in less than one second. It makes helping new people a lot, a lot harder.

    Oh and also:
    SF meter is bugged;
    items we lost in market are still gone.

    For aov they just have blueprints bought with dzenai like the hard aov set here, so it's unnecessary. For others I don't know. But I absolutely disagree with keeping the rng "to keep running the raids". This kind of frustration cannot be argued as the right way to go about it even if it kept players.

    You might see this as unrelated but the same way some games end with really difficult (in a frustrating, not fun way) bosses as if they presented the ultimate challenge, but that just leaves you with bad memories of the game.

    Do it in a way that makes it seem worthwhile. For dungeons there's the simplest way of better drops, there's the time attack (ranking) competitive mode, there's the idea of infinitely scaling boss stats as long as you keep clearing to reach your limit. And heck we can always just revisit old dungeons to see how gear changes things, carry some newbies, take a break. This mindless farming will get old really fast for most people, especially those without static parties.