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    I'd post the "you have been misled" Morgan Freeman meme but I think you already know what it looks like.
    We've all learned repeatedly that "Gameforge say" and "Gameforge do" are in different universes. Just look at their homepage, it still says that this event we have right now ends on 10/1/2019. The night before ECs sold for 100m, shows how everyone was fooled. Meanwhile there's some post hidden somewhere out there that says it'll end on 17/1/2019 without any explanation for it (iirc). And when we all got the glorious smelters, they undid their 'good deeds' by releasing sin brooches, impossible to get if nobody used the cash shop. I gotta applaud this one, they do know how to milk their cows well. Apart from blocking them for various reasons, that is.

    No clue, but not too many. My focus was akasha cards and I don't even really have high gear.

    It's a good alternative to rng farming. It may take longer but at least the rewards are guaranteed. And that "100+ alts", as I've said already, is a problem of the amount you need. If it's not something that drops in end-game, leveling should give you enough to go around.

    Basically, either 5 is good enough or give 500.

    Levelling an alt to 40 (ravan manic 4) will get you 5 SETs, with the event it doesn't take long. My Iris that i've been kind of focusing (while playing with other alts and main (events, primal, etc.) at the same time) is level 50 and not even 6 days old. Don't get me wrong, I think that SETs would be really nice to have in events, but they're not inaccessible nor demanding that much time.

    It's more the amount of them you need.

    Primal gives 9-10 per run, GC uhh.. I went there but didn't pay attention. I think 9-10 as well. As for the odds, no clue. But one NA whale I know opened over 400 masterly socks and didn't get the antlers. For farming no places can compare to Yumi's 10k dzenai socks so what's it matter. I'd say it's not even worth going for antlers.

    Easy to ask, hard to answer.

    Without having any knowledge about your character, I guess I'll just give general, quick points, without any order to them:

    Level to 60 (and continue story quests);
    If your character is either Haru, Lilly or Erwin, upon reaching level 57 complete the advancement quest;

    Get Aurith gear from the market (or craft yourself if that's what you want), then get Primal gear from, well, Primal;
    Akashas, soulstones, brooches etc.;

    And possibly most importantly, buy socks. And do the event dungeon 10 times a day, too.

    Also don't forget your free Erwin box as well as free gift container that you open every 22 hours, if they're still in the cash shop.

    More detailed information should be available around the forums, reddits, discords, guilds, random in-game people etc.

    Soulstones you get from the "Random Soulstone Chest" at either level 1 or level 2, haven't seen any higher drops. They are 50% more expensive to upgrade and are around 25% more powerful iirc. A level 9 slumbering has 2175 attack damage for example.

    Fine socks, no doubts there. Masterful has nothing going for it except antlers [that you can get for RP, though I'm not sure about that emote thing], is more than 4 times as expensive and like that wasn't enough, it can't even give you ECs nor grutin akashas (which is what i'm rolling for right now actually). Like man I already got enough for Tier 3 Rita and missing just one for Tier 3 Big Plastica.

    True yet on first sight I doubt there's even a single person who went "oh hey look we got new soulstones!" Next to the level 2s it just looks like a chance to get either a level 1 soulstone or a level 2 soulstone. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually unintended.

    Alright, so about a month back I found out there's a command that lets us see monster hp and super armour in numbers, not just in lines, so needless to say the first thing I did was the obvious one - go last carnival and check out monster stats. Posted a message in guild discord, got no replies, thought I'd check out the forum and successfully proceeded to forget everything about it. Here's the copy-paste:

    One of the game questions I had is enemy hp scale and with my newfound scouter abilities i could check it. Here's what my memory has from the last 10-15 minutes:
    basically went to last carnival 3 times to check out the hp of the first edgaquin miniboss:
    solo normal: 1.16 mil hp
    solo elemental: 1.16 mil hp
    4-party hell-if-i-know: 3.22 mil hp
    That is around 2.77586206897 times more hp.

    The me a month ago didn't have the memory nor attention span to remember other monsters' hp scales so I assume they scale the same. As for other raids, districts? Heck. You check it.
    Now does this mean that it's not you who sucks in a party, it's your party that sucks at dps, or is it that other stats scale as well? I really doubt that elemental resistances, crit rates and resistances etc. increase but defense is feasible.

    TL;DR monster HP/SA scales in LC! Does defense scale too? What about other places?

    P.S. the command is "/monsterstatus 1". It stays active after switching characters but not after turning the game off and on again, so you might want to bind it to a macro. Seriously this and other useful chat commands really should be visible in-game.

    You know I thought this was a nice side-effect to alts. Doing the usual rucco-candus, additionally to lvl 30 for sprint and got enough fragments for 13 entries, out of which 2 were hard and 1 manic. But then the dungeon bugged and i didn't get any grutin gold after picking it up. restarting the game let me re-enter the last 'invasion' and the grutin gold was all there on the ground as if i hadn't taken it, but taking it just resulted in the exact same thing happening again.
    It just wouldn't be right without bugs, would it.

    Honestly if they just removed some of the rng elements (Rng fragments, rng entry mode, rng drops, rng bugs) it would be pretty nice.

    Wouldn't work since grutin gold can be used to enter the event. It'd be better if they just replaced the event grutin qubes (that drop in rucco town dungeons in another version. No, not just same design, same item) with grutin-o-mat boxes containing some items from that shop. Like anti-destructions, akasha transmitters, some other shop and special items not in the shop. Also a chance at that entry qube to get a free entry again.

    On second look maybe this could serve as some explanation for this event? Grutin thieves stole the shop dude's items and he's sending us in to punish them for it. We just need to get the point across so whatever loot drops is ours. The entries would've been free but he got sabotaged (broken orb fragments) so we either gotta retrieve those or buy from him now that he's forced to charge us as he's kinda broke with all that's going on.

    You're asking me that? I didn't make you play this game nor deal with any of its bs, I'm just saying that Gameforge makes sense to me, not that it needs defending or attacking, that they are right or wrong. If you come to the forums I take it you have hope that something might change from you posting this here. I came in thinking I might add some realism based on my experience from other games with similar situations. But if you just want to rant or vent, I can point you to a discord where people switch between complaining about the game and talking about how they spend their money and time on it.

    It all just comes down to the same thing everyone always says: it's your choice. Mine is to play casually and deal with not being able to get max gear. If I come to a dead end, I'll take a break for a month or few and come back later to see what's new.