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    I would say that what you thought is an interesting project... Too bad it's completely useless for a game that gets content after at least 3 months. For the insults to Gameforge I think that they wanted it: too slow to publish everything (just see Chii's adv) and don't give attention to the community. Honestly, Soulworker is a game without a real endgame (rightly, it has a pleasant and constantly evolving story) and needs constant attention that GF isn't able to give to its games. Just see the Kr server which, even without content for 1-2 months, can insert interesting events, moreover they have 2 scheduled updates per month, the first one considered "smaller" than the last. Said that, I'm sorry to say it, you can try anything you want but the opinion on the GF server will not change.

    threea I don't know but I think you do it almost on purpose ... the burningsoulworker managers (amateurs) were able to insert content without such excessive bugs, while you (who should do it by profession) not only bugged every patch halfway through, but you are 2-3 weeks to solve (obviously not everything, otherwise too much work). You'd better close everything

    1. Good morning. I would like to know who is that incompetent who applies the patch to the game, I think it's better not to let him touch anything in order not to make other mistakes in the game.