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    If you are in the NA server, you can pm me in game (Deuce), and we could run a raid if you wanted to see how they are. I've tried them all each a few times. I can understand not comparing them to big plastica/rita/grutin, but why not compared with worker/baalride since they are all 1* cards?

    Also how can you determine if they are any good if you don't compare them to other cards? Like the 2 star card Shadow Dancers gives 13% atk dmg at T3. If it's the only card available, obviously you would wear it since it's better than nothing, but compared to all the other available akasha cards, it's trash. So same thing goes for all the cards you've listed. Why bother with them when you can use worker/baalride?

    Hello all, some of you may know me as Lowkick in NA server, but I name changed to Deuce since it was the name I originally wanted but was unavailable at the time I first created my account.

    I will be streaming game play mostly in the evenings EST time. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

    In a 1v1 scenario, assuming both players have maxed out gear for pvp and whatnot, I don't believe there is a clear cut strongest and a match would ultimately end in a draw, with neither player being able to kill the other. The shocking sun set (The pvp crafted gear) makes players super tanky. Combined with the right akasha cards and brooches, any character can potentially be an unkillable tank in 1v1 duels no matter what character opponent is/what gear their opponent is wearing. Note that this is only a 1v1 scenerio.

    As for arena, I would have to say Jin is #1 simply because they can exalt and cap points when they have their super armor up.

    2nd/3rd are close between Stella and Erwin.

    4th is Haru

    5th Lily

    I don't know. When I test cards I just bring them in the rookie raids and use them several times for a few runs. I don't know how long the duration is/how many ticks but it's quite short. As for the damage, akasha cards' damage scales with your character's attack, so it won't be the same from player to player. If you want to see it in action, just pm me in game and we could run a few dungeons together, I'm on NA server with the same name as my forum name, minus the numbers.

    I was thinking of making an akasha guide, perhaps with some video footage of animations and such since all the current guides don't use our actual game's translated version which makes it a bit of a pain to figure out which cards are which. It would take quite a bit of time, which is why I haven't gotten around to do it.

    if you're looking for a card like baalride and deus ex machine, then look at Mistral.

    He's crafted from Fire Extinguisher (pretty expensive on NA market right now, ~30m).

    His aoe is smaller but it deals a lot of damage, similar to how Rita works.

    From testing the card at tier 3, my conclusion is that Mistral isn't good. I wouldn't even really call his attack an aoe. He spits fire on the floor directly in front which looks to be the same size as one of Haru's slash n' dash burn effects. The damage is very low compared to some of the other akasha cards and has no wheres near the aoe size nor damage as Rita. The animation is cool, and the cool down I think its 39(?) seconds so it's a card you can spam.

    I got hidden rita and hidden big plastica but thats for my main capped char. I did craft the worker ex machina and it's really good because of 3 of 360 degree aoe strike, which will clear 2-3 mobs wave. I took your advice and craft the Baalride. I just want to say it's simply superb. It's 180 aoe (the area is as large as or slightly less than worker ex machina) so you need to cast at room corner. The last Baalride hit is cool too, it's a hella huge Nuke explosion and clear 1 mob wave instantly. I use both T3 worker ex machina and Baalride on new level 10 char (level 24 route alt farming) and its really fun. I feel like I was trolling the party because you clear almost all mobs in every room :P. Its always cast-and-pick-loot :D. The other player like dunno what to do and running to pick loot that i feel like the game mechanic is kinda broken now (exaggerate). Just rotate both card it will be easy ^^ . For mini bosses, the hp will be halve, you can use 2-3 strike to finish them.

    I actually want to craft another T3 card like these card, so a total of 3 card rotation, but it will be off topic to ask here...

    For my alt, I use Worker Ex Machina, Baalride, and T1 Hidden Rita, although normal Rita should be fine as well. If you don't have another Rita and don't feel like swapping cards from your main to your alt (I'm that way), you could use a T3 Viperess which is a 1* card and it's key is Viperess Fragment. It has 3 stages similar to Machina, but the aoe is similar to Rita's. The damage is significantly less than the cards you are using, but is an ok card if you are looking for a 3rd active and don't have anything else. It's about the equivalence of 2* Kairon and 3* Lex in terms of damage, but since it's a 1* it takes much less resources to level up.

    when u get a debuff like "slow" "stun" "on the ground" etc it is a trauma

    By the way the attack% is calculated on your base stats so you will win nearly nothing

    Thank you for this. I have tested some of the negative status effects with players in district 6. The slow debuff from Lily's dash does not proc trauma, nor does getting knocked down with any of Lily's/Haru's skills. The only thing that proc'd it for me was Stella's boombox skill. I have not tested with an Erwin, although I'm not sure they have anything besides the slow debuff if you step into their circle they place?

    Thank you for the information about attack % scaling in this game, but the card I posted was just for an example, there are other instances where "trauma" is what players need to proc for effects.

    Lex isn't completely useless, but it's not worth spending the resources to upgrade as there are better akasha cards worth leveling.

    The damage on Tier 3 Lex isn't completely useless, but it's not that good. It hits enemies for low damage multiple times while drawing them in, so using it to kill mobs is rather slow. If you really want to level up this card go ahead, just note that you could save those resources to upgrade better cards such as Baalride, Big Plastica, 900g Grutin, and Rita which are all superior actives.

    There aren't any 3* cards that are on par with Worker Ex Machina.

    Baalride is another good 1* card at tier 3 and is the one I would recommend you level if you don't have Rita. The akasha key for him is Vanta Helmet Fragment, found in Junk Pool Episode 4.

    His aoe is about the same as Worker's, although the attack is 180 degrees in front of you, it doesn't have a 360 degrees aoe. He does slightly less damage, but he attacks all at once very quickly and is a good card to clear a room full of trash mobs.

    Blacktop God is a 3* card that I hear is useful in future raids, so if you have the resources, maybe level that.

    Lex and Gwen & Glain are the only other two 3* active cards and neither of them are worth upgrading.

    As you already mentioned, SD drops from most of the dungeons as well as Last Carnival and Junk Hive. BSK drops only from Bandit Highway and Iron Castle. I don't notice any difference in drop rates between BH and IC, so just do whichever you want to do for the elemental that day. They both drop brooches quite often, and you should farm them over the SD since BSK brooches can only be found in those raids whereas SD brooches can be purchased from the cash shop so they are more common. FOT brooches haven't been released yet.

    Does anyone know how much dmg these cards do? Or more specifically, what their multiplier or dmg formula is at tier 1/2/3?

    I'm not sure the multiplier, but akasha cards' damage scales with your character's attack. The higher your attack, the more damage your cards will do. I'm unsure if crit/crit damage also plays a role in akasha cards' damage, but I would assume they do.

    Upgrading it only makes it better. Would suggest Mistral and Viperess since they're also crafted/affordable. Rita is good at 1 or 3, depends if you can upgrade her and/or if you have better boss AR like 900g.

    Rita 3 is kinda uselsess 😂

    I have only just started minor testing between Hidden Rita tier 1 vs tier 3. The only noticeable difference that I spot so far is how large the aoe is, with tier 3 being massive and able to hit way more mobs, ex: the mini-bosses in IC whereas tier 1 only hits 1-2 of them. I don't really see a difference in damage as both 1 and 3 tier just destroy enemies. I may do some raid solo'ing to test how much difference there is in damage, if at any.

    There is an item in the cash shop > Consume > Trade > Soulbind Dissolver. Note that there are only certain things you can unbind, mainly gear that was once soulbind on equip that you binded by wearing. It won't unbind things that say soulbound on receipt.

    The PVP gear is powerful, but only when completed as a full set. The set can be considered questionable to replace your VC set before that point, with marginal defensive gains traded for large offensive ones gradually (even as soon as two replaced items off your VC set will cause you to lose a huge amount of Critical Rate and Critical Damage).

    The big hit in switching two pieces from Vicarious Calling to Shocking Sun is the 10% crit rate loss. Max crit damage for VC set is 430, and the 5 set bonus is +850, whereas max crit damage on SS is 1290. In theory you can gain 870 crit damage by replacing 2 pieces, and gain an additional 1720 crit damage by replacing two other pieces of armor. We also lose 20% damage on a skill depending on character by switching.

    Extra bonuses for each piece of armor gives HP, 1145 for boots and head, 2285 for shoulders, 3430 for chest, totaling 8005 HP. SS shoulder and chest gives 2700 and 4500 respectively totaling 7400 HP, which is a 605 HP difference. SS also gains 280 evasion from the other two pieces, however much evasion is worth as I don't know. On top of that, some of the stats on SS are triple the cap that VC has, as already shown, the max crit damage on 1 piece of SS is triple the max of VC's. PvP gear isn't common yet to see all stats but attack, accuracy, and xp are triple the max cap. HP is double. Evasion and shorter cooldown are the same on both sets. Defense is also higher on the SS, but I'm not sure how much more defense you would get from comparable equipment, but judging from my limited experience, there would be about a 5% damage reduction rate comparing +6 armors of the same refinement, and probably a bigger difference the higher + you compare.

    Worker ex machina the visual effect takes away my situational awarenes each time someone uses it.

    i truly hate it with a passion. lol

    but thats me

    I sometimes try to troll with that card and use it in the 5th zone of Last Carnival where you need to dodge past the flames. So far I've been unsuccessful since the animation is slow and people usually run past the hands before they get to come down :c

    2. You claimed 40mil/day raiding... An average individual WITHOUT VIP have 10attempts in raiding. (200ep, 10tries) That means that same individual has to be GUARANTEED an energy converter or 4-5 REFINED Frags to make that amount, so unless you are literally the god of rng which I definitely envy you, this number is completely wack.

    You forget the free daily Dynamite Power Vitamin Z and 30 min community mat which restores 130 EP, giving you 6 more runs per day. On average I make around 350,000 DZ per run, so 16x 350k = 5.6mil. If you actually complete the side quest, you can get a guaranteed 2x inferior fragment per run which is worth 150k for 2, so 150k x16 = 2.4 mil. 5.6mil + 2.4mil = 8mil at bare minimum per day for a F2P player. That does not include ANY drops from the actual raid itself. If you sell all the loot you obtain I can see people making 20-30mil/day realistically, without having to rely on RNG from the boxes for energy converters.

    The fact that your minimum 8mil still relies on RNG to push to 30mil a day is a slight problem. My drop after 20runs today: Inferior: 92, Common: 3, Refined: 0. Given current market prices, that gives me about 15mil in profit today. (20runs is also more)

    But lets go with your 30mil figure. As of yesterday morning, the prices were at 2.8mil, as of today morning, the prices are now at 3.4mil. That means within a SINGLE day, your 3attempts a day have now become 2.666tries a day. This isn't going to stop given the current drop rates.

    I don't have any data on drops, so I have no clue if your drops fall below average, average, or above average. Without any refined I doubt it would fall into the above average. Is that the total from 10 runs? There are more ways to squeeze out profit if you are really stressed over it. You can equip the Greedy Millionaire title which gives +18% DZ, equip the Scral tier 3 akasha card for an additional 20% DZ. By investing into gold/silver vip you gain 200 more EP per day which is 10 additional runs, 30% DZ bonus, and no market fees for you to sell your loot.

    I could go into a lengthy analogy of expected value you have from getting boxes that have a x% drop rate chance of energy converters that you should also factor in, but I don't really have a clue on the % which is the determining factor on the average you would make per day. If x is 0.5%, then you would figure about 7-8mil/day of ev given that you farm 50 boxes a day.

    As far as WUC goes, I don't really get why people complain about the price. I play no part in trying to control the market, and I do agree that 3 mil per chip seems costly. Just remember that NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY WUCs. +6ing a weapon isn't all that difficult. If you are one of the unlucky people that tried 20+ times and failed to upgrade your weapon, you can actually buy a +6 weapon from the market for an affordable price. If you buy non vivacious calling set weapon, such as the weapons dropped from Ark Ship ep4, there are some on the market that are +6 that are under 10mil. All current endgame content can easily be cleared with a +6 weapon. Getting anything above +6 is just a luxury to be able to clear raids faster. Same can be said about the vivacious calling armor. You don't need it to clear current content, you can pretty much wear whatever, you don't even need to +4 armor.