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    I stopped playing this version available and I'm sorry to sound harsh, but what do you expect?
    Me and MANY others said months ago that gameforge would practically abandon this game with minimal effort of maintaining it. This was just another cash cow for them.
    They will never put the decent/high quality outfits for sale anymore. Gameforge wasn't resisted or fought against and now have normalised lootboxes and fortune wheels (glorified lootboxes)
    I envy the dedication you guys have to a company with a worse record than EA, but at the same time I pity all of your blindness.

    So I'll say it again, you guys will never get frequent content or communication from Community Managers
    They have practically already moved all of their resources to their main game, Tera. Other games like Soulworker are short lived wallet expansions for gameforge and you guys have been played to your fullest.

    This will probably be taken down by Threea or another one of the Community Managers in an attempt to censor anyone spreading the truth about them. They don't care about you, they never will. They just want your money.

    Only really OG members will remember this name but Nyoka was the only good CoMa and she was moved ages ago. The rest are just tools of gameforge to censor anyone who tries to slander their name, even if it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Gameforge is a game killer.
    Look it up.

    When I asked HOQ about this event (if I remember correctly) he said it's more of a community event where they explain how Soulworker was practically on the verge of shutting down if it weren't for a miracle. It basically more of a story telling for irl side of Soulworker

    I mean this version is literally being milked to the fullest by Gameforge, if people are too blind to see that then I genuinely pity you. I wish I could say more but sadly I'll be banned for 'illegal content'
    I dunno I play games to have fun, not to be blatantly milked by a greedy company that has no intention of listening to community feedback on Microtransactions.

    You people probably won't do it but I suggest you either boycott microtransactions or Gameforge titles in general, either way you won't, so enjoy being sheep

    Yea... I agree gameforge isn't that bad
    They just burn and ruin so many games because they only care about Tera and every other game to them is a cash cow waiting to be used and abused, then abandoned where they put minimal resources into maintaining it, this version is gonna die and the Community Managers clearly don't care either.

    If you dont wish to play illegal versions and wish to still support the game, play the KR version and set up the translation patch for it, waaaay better option than getting f*cked by gameforge over and over and over and over.

    Also, I think the game gets boring have nothing to do with gameforge. No matter which server you play, you will do same thing at the end game until you get bored. Plus, mobs are recycled (just change colours and call it new map/raids), totally something that liongames need to consider.

    It's not necessarily their fault correct but their content could be a lot better spaced imo. It's not even the content that made me hate gameforge though, it's the lootboxes locking some of my favourite outfits behind them. I refuse to show any more dedication to a publisher that sticks it's middle finger up to anyone that wants the Western version to be as fair as the Korean Version.

    The Lion Games thing yeah mobs are recycled and reskinned but I think thats to be expected from a very small dev team. They built soulworker with around 8 or so people and have only really started doing more recruiting recently. Either way I left because of how gameforge fails to manage their games with the community in mind. If Gameforge owns a game other than Tera, you can predict it will be neglected eventually and die.. :/

    Additionally, it's a shame these features could be added to improve the future of this game (especially the western version) but gameforge will just brand a good update with a lootbox...
    it's funny how they still claim to listen yet constantly re-introduce the same lootboxes without any improvements

    threea can we ever expect actual or genuine evidence that you guys are listening instead of saying:
    "we're listening so here's an update that was scheduled to come out despite your complaints"

    I came back after a good month break to see absolutely nothing done to the game economy or game breaking glitches.

    It's a genuine embarrassment to see a lot of your player base either move to other servers or to completely different games...
    Personally I moved to another server because I like Soulworker, I really despise Gameforge for blatantly trying to assassinate a good game because it isn't called 'Tera'...

    seriously hope you guys lose publishing rights some day

    character I'm not too sure about, I'll give it a shot but Iris will probs stay my number one. On the other hand hearing a dye system finally be worked on is so good to hear. Hoping it is for all in game fashion and the dye options aren't really limited

    This is in no way an attempt to attack or devalue anyones experience, but I am curious, what motivates you to continue playing Soulworker in it's slowly moving state?
    Like is there anything that has managed to grab you and keep you from moving to other versions or other MMO's in general?

    I showed so much love for this game but sadly the support and dedication I showed for the game has slowly died out for me over time. Mostly because of Gameforge's poor decisions and their prioritisation of money > community satisfaction and improvement.

    This is pure gambling at the verge of legality...

    Therefore the game should be rated PEGI 18, lol...

    I know no matter how loud we yell, this will never stop, the way of thinking of this company is that the end justifies the means...

    I mean tbh, all someone needs to do is tip this to belgium officials and they'll lose their shit. They already forced other companies to completely remove lootboxes out of their version of the game, and of course if people hear about it then gameforge will be forced to do it for the rest.

    Moral of the story, get belgium and other countries that are strict on this to bite them in the ass