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    So your logic is: because a private server does it, it's okay for a PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHER to break laws too?
    Wow please enlighten me with your logic more you moronic white knight

    I can't believe there are people who genuinely Lootboxes are needed to make money, it actually hurts

    How can people bring legality into an argument defending Gameforge??
    you know they are breaking the law too?

    Because it's their J-O-B, a business job in order to survive. You'll be surprised when if BSW dies because of no budgets or due to personal reasons since they have a very few staffs.

    Lootboxes is a something decision that they decided to choose it . Literally same for every MMO. AGAIN.

    You want SW keeping alive? Then support it. Don't like it? Then let it die like a rotten game. Your choice.

    It's their jobs to break laws of other countries?? alright that's good to know you literally understood nothing from this whole thing lmao

    How braindead can you people be, I am aware private servers are illegal, that IS NOT my point.
    Gameforge is distributing lootboxes in countries such as Belgium which is AGAINST THEIR LAWS.
    I'm not saying private servers aren't illegal I'm saying Gameforge are just as much criminals as the owners of private servers. Laws are broken on both sides, but you people are too moronic to comprehend that.

    I can't believe there are people who genuinely Lootboxes are needed to make money, it actually hurts

    How can people bring legality into an argument defending Gameforge??
    you know they are breaking the law too?

    I give up, opinions are so useless right now. I get it you wanted to be positive but not anymore, just look at your previous posts.

    You spend money on on cosmetic items via lootboxes because you were FORCED to buy yourself. It's the literally same for every MMO. I would suggest you should look at BDO and see the absurd price on outfits.

    I would rather buy an outfit for a high price than having to gamble for each piece individually. As I said, lootboxes are not consumer friendly. For some it maybe cost them 5 lootboxes for other over 100. It's completely ridiculous and unfair business practice and the fact that Gameforge attempted to use this scheme on an already small community shows how little they care about their player rates

    I mean your posts remind me of 4chan, even worse lol.

    I'm just trying to help, but you started this crap. That's why I don't understand such a thing for real. Why insult GF? Why make a thread about insult staffs even threea and their money $$$$? Why are you even here? Those are reasons I don't understand what to say.

    I'm not defending them but just stop insult them with these posts, for god sakes. It triggered me.

    You know why things resorted to insults tho? You're just being ignorant about it.
    For pretty much the whole first year of the game, the community complained and calmly protested lootboxes and the decline in consumer friendly monetisation schemes. In fact, despite these protests and distaste towards these schemes, Gameforge created more not less. Any above average looking outfit to be released, would get loot boxed.

    Be honest with yourself, do you genuinely think I turned hostile overnight? Someone who used to be on the forums giving frequent feedback and criticism. Gameforges actions is what generated this hostility towards them.
    I wouldn't have any problem supporting an official version. I just want to play with a community who talks the same language as me and have fun. Part of my fun is cosmetic items. Why should I have to spend £200-£400 each and everytime I want to get an outfit.

    Gameforge's incompetence and flat out greed is what drove a good amount of players away from the game and ultimately, unintentionally advertised other versions as better alternative choices.

    You may not have been on the forums at those times, but I was actually quite positive on these forums with the mindset of "they'll realise their mistakes" and "things will get better" but they just got worse and worse.
    Also my personal dislike towards Threea is because Threea has the audacity to call themselves a CoMa but rarely shows any signs in community engagement. How can you hold the title of CoMa and ignore your community?

    Gameforge SoulWorker used to have a CoMa called Nyoka, and tbh, if Nyoka was still around things would probably be more calm than they are.
    Nyoka actually communicated with the community on a frequent basis, responded to personal messages and eased concerns of players on the state of the game. Nyoka actually MANAGED THE COMMUNITY, something Threea fails to do.

    ? Why the hell are you even replying to me

    I don't care about it, just dont wanna hear your normie talks (please god, i hate reddit)

    Where the hell did reddit come from? Who's the one spewing crap and "not making sense" now. Acting as if I use reddit lmao. What the hell makes me a normie?
    Would love to hear your stupidity in the form of a response again.

    Do what you want, I don't even care nor support GF.

    The most issue is you whose started all this crap and don't make sense at all, bloody hell.

    Don't make any sense at all. I'm being pretty clear so if you still can't understand you're either illiterate or stupid.

    Jesus christ, I can't stand this anymore with zero senses. Get to university and you'll realise how things are difficult once you're there.

    I still can't believe what you said GF is a large size company, like what the hell...doesn't make sense. It's the most underrated company.

    It's more than enough to manage indie games
    Not to mention they constantly had players handing ideas to them on a silver platter.

    Underrated entails it is better than everyone makes them out to be. No they're not.
    They're a bunch of greedy publishers just trying to use people for money, nothing else.

    anyway as I said to many mindless gameforge white knights, please never come to other versions, we like to keep stupidity contained.
    Have fun getting milked of money ^^

    Remember gameforge isn't developing shit. Lion Games is.

    Gameforge isn't a small company though, it's a perfectly large sized company which has more than enough money after preying on several small games like SoulWorker, monetising them to death and just cutting them completely.
    They know what they're doing and they try to act perfectly fine.

    GF company has over 300 employees while other large companies have 5-9k employees, is that how you think it's a big? C'mon, lol

    So you're saying a team of 300 in unable to manage game whereas Lion Games is able to develop a game with around 7-15 people??
    Stop making excuses for their incompetence

    Gameforge isn't a small company though, it's a perfectly large sized company which has more than enough money after preying on several small games like SoulWorker, monetising them to death and just cutting them completely.
    They know what they're doing and they try to act perfectly fine.

    So we aren't going to discuss how Gameforge is also breaking certain countries laws?
    You know how lootboxes are banned in belgium?
    That ever crossed your mind?
    They would go so low as to break laws to get money. Their greed really doesn't have any limits.

    So guys, nobody answer this question: Why are you here in this forum? Go and play bsw without bother the player of gfsw.

    I really dont wanna be mean and toxic here, i've played GF server for so long, everyday thiking -"i hope it will get better, i hope GF will do something", but their game is just terrible, and i'm still sad because of that, even tho i left this server months ago.

    I didnt came here from BSW to just sh*t on GF, but after seeing how good game can actually be, i cant say anything positive about GF, sadly.

    In the same case as me, used to love this version, played it everyday non stop for hours and hours. But as you said, seeing how good the game can be in the right hands is truly a good sight.
    It's a server made by players for the players. It always has player consideration at the top of it's priority list.
    Where as Gameforge's priority is "How can we make money off them today?"

    I don't want everything to be locked behind a lootbox, that's why I quit. If every fashion I waited for since release was just gonna be locked behind lootbox, then there is no reason in me touching this toxic, whale run game.

    How can I possibly back it up without statistics? Did you even read what I was saying?
    When I first joined the game it was empty as hell, like 1 or 2 primal teams total, empty market etc etc. Now the market in game is thriving, aov and primal teams alike have people wanting to do them pretty much all over the day. I'm talking from EXPERIENCE. Are you to tell me the game became more alive without gaining new players? don't be foolish. I know you aren't that stupid so stop acting it.

    Also selling items on the market IS NOT a form of >>>FARMING<<<
    You're literally just taking advantage of a broken economy to make a viable amount in this game. When in ANY OTHER VERSION, you can farm dz via Ark ship, IDD, and gain decent amounts from doing long duration aov runs.

    All in all, your versions market is run by whales, or perhaps you are one, trying to defend it in which case I know your type. Congratulations on solely killing the game. A market so broken it scares away new players, that is terrible management and terrible sustainability.
    But I guess you'll always have sheep ready to be body shields for Gameforge even if they are blatantly abusing the fan base for money, it's whatever. I guess it's better to keep blindness and stupidity compressed in one space, so do remain on that server

    Not to mention Chii skills names are also broken english like wtf, lol

    And I think for some reason they can't actually try to fix issues because they stated that they wouldn't bother it anymore, for example BSW is completely not full translated along with AR cards names instead they focus on gameplay for endgame content now.

    The only reason the whale players wanted in BSW is, REAL overpowered AR cards from boxes due to the high chance, and TERA brooches for free or sometimes pay/ trade from the shop/players. That's a fact they wanted it for their chars being shine so badly.

    Translations are done via machine so ofc they're not gonna be perfect, it's like using something like google translate.
    I really am curious where you heard this statement of "they wouldn't bother it anymore" because each weekly maintenance has tweaks and fixes to translations bit by bit. Personally idc if it were all in korean, a better version is a better version.

    And sorry to burst your bubble, this whole rumour of "free tera brooches" is false. Only way to obtain them is by grinding or paying. They aren't given. Perhaps you are thinking of KR who released too many AR cards, caused their community to get angry at the chances and people started leaving. So they started giving stuff like tera brooches for free. That is KR, we don't have any of that sort of free items.

    Most of the whales are on GFSW, the version that has no form of Dz farming. The only way to obtain viable amounts of money in GFSW is purchasing items via the cash shop and selling it because thats how your broken economy works.
    And you wanna know why Gameforge never bothered to tackle the market issue?
    It's simple really, behind the scenes they love the broken economy bc it forces people to sell cash shop items it return to play the game with supposed F2P currency. Which means they make money.

    In reality employees of Gameforge and the community manager's such as Threea, see you all as idiots and bags of money, nothing else. People who can't open their eyes to see the corruption of Gameforge's schemes and willingly give money to such a despicable company which is worse than EA, but not as bad reputation because they prey on small games, such as SoulWorker.

    I do agree that GF made a lot of bad choices but BSW server clearly have more CONS. Yeah they added Chii already but it took a lot of hours and ended up with a lot of bugs. I believe that private server have lower prices not because they're so altruistic but because they can't provide quality service to the community and they know it. But here they have Chii released with tons of bugs and broken animations and it's like "Oh well at least we/they have lower prices. Boo hoo, GF". I saw people so happy and sarcastic about it on bsw forums. They looked like they just bought a car made of scrap metal that looks like the same car from prototype project that belongs to a famous company and happy about it being cheaper.

    Also "broken animations" I didn't even experience lol, bugs yes but weekly maintenances take care of those easily. Also a lot of problems (such a performance or whatnot) is usually related to KR. For example frame stuttering issues would either be your PC or an issue which occurred in KR (which it did around DH - Chii time)
    I mean you act as if your version is flawless. BUT remember how GFSW had a bug with Jin's ult being broken and not working?
    That EXACT issue had already happened in KR and didn't bother to fix it beforehand?
    Wow those guys really care about you huh, at least the people who work on other servers QA test

    Why people so sure about BSW having higher population when we don't have any BSW playerbase statistics? When i tired it i couldn't find a single soul to do Junk Hive. :iris2:

    When I first started back around August-ish (was around when Iris adv released) the game was very empty, I even pointed it out as a flaw. But tbh staying with the version paid off. From August -> now it has grown significantly meanwhile GFSW loses players.

    Do you even read what you type?

    I don't think he cares. He's only here to constantly shitpost about his other server.

    SW population has been stable for over half a year now.

    2500 -> 1500 sounds pretty stable lmao
    losing 1000 players in an already small community is nothing to ignore, but hey I find enjoyment in watching you beg on your knees to gameforge.
    It's funny to watch a toxic community of whales white knight the worst iteration of a game

    also you act as if I hated gameforge since the day I was born, I used to play this version until I woke up

    I love it when Gameforge white knights try to defend, very nice salt :thumbup:

    But seriously, if you can't see they sped up content release speed at the same time of players exiting the game idk what to tell you, you're blind to what you don't wanna see I guess.
    Do you support EA too?