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    GF screwed up with trying to push the theme of +8 and above gear is a privilege. Bled out every player, whoever is left is kind of an addict. Not allowing me to get a +8 primal weapon back then just made me quit, if I was around, I probably would have bought some fashion or brooches.

    Everything in this game has been turned into a slot machine at one point. Gear, brooches, akashas, fashion, you name it. And when GF decides that for a 10 euros worth of item, you have to pay 3 euros to have an undisclosed chance to get, then most sane people will just leave.

    Generosity goes a long way, I personally spend more money on games where I feel that the company is more generous. It took me ages to get a Big Plastica, I've never opened a single good tera brooch, couldn't get my gear to +9, couldn't even open Lucy, let alone the holy trinity when I dropped money on Akashasc. All this tells me that GF doesn't respect me as a customer, so we just reached the point where I'm not willing to pay any money anymore.

    Maybe if I've gotten literally anything, then I would drop a 100 or so Euros a month. And I think most people that feel this way quit permanently and just found another game.

    And yeah, you can go around saying just spend until you get what you want and if I was a street sweeper in Western EU, had 1k Euros each month as disposable income, I would probably spend more. But I live in Eastern EU with a degree, with 200 Euros disposable income due to wage inequality, I guess people living in Eastern EU just don't deserve to get good in Soulworker.

    Yeah, main issue is that some cards are extremely powerful and there is absolutely no way to get them if you are unlucky. Gives people no way to compete with others.

    Even with maxed out HH gear, Tenebris grants about 6-8% increased damage to bosses, I have no idea how much Arua grants as I don't know how good armour break is exactly, but it's general consensus that Arua is much better than Tenebris.

    If you think about it, you are missing at least 15%(I'm being very generous) damage just because you didn't open those two. Easily renders you unable to compete.

    I'm a person that has every non-limited 5 star akasha except for Tenebris, Veneris and Arua. I wanna improve on times, compete with others, but the difference between a player that has top tier akashas and another player that doesn't is insane. And there is absolutely nothing I can do to change this. All I can do is to descend down further the rabbit hole, keep using dzenai on fusing with the hopes that maybe one day I will get something good.

    Saddest thing is that GF is so stingy with akashas, we get like 15 max a month for logging in, every half a year we get an event that gives us 30 akashas?

    And sure some people are like just farm for 1 month, get 1200 akashas and you have everything omegalul, whole thing is just hard work kekw. Sure, the whole thing is kekw, until you don't get lucky for once, get no good akashas, 150 hours of your life down the drain and probably like a 100 mil you wasted on fusing.

    Nah, we got the mutilated version of Korea's last year summer event.

    GF removed the event rewards, so we only have the map, also decreased the tickets you can buy, which is weird as I don't think people would willingly play the map. They added the fashion to the drop table, which is ehh. Funny thing is that it still drops the gruticecream, but I don't think you can do anything with it.

    While the Grutin event is definitely questionable as it really doesn't contain anything of value(except for maybe the people that don't play this game and they lack Aether to upgrade), the brooch event that's tagging along is semi-generous.

    It's really not hard to find events that were really good to the players. Last month's event for example gave us plentiful of antis+strength tickets, perfect timing for the HH update. In April they gave us 400+ antis while reducing the overall DZ in the system. Christmas event gave us 150+EC, although some people said they got 800ECs, I'm not sure, I've always been very unlucky in the game.

    So there are still some generous events, I especially enjoy the ones where I can just farm whatever I want and just get a bonus. My only real complaint that GF is very stingy about akashas in general, giving 30/month for an event max.

    Sure we have a lot of flops, sprint events are especially shitty, this summer is Pepehands. I still wish that whoever came up with 2018's Grutin event has an issue eating their cereal for their entire life.

    Tfw haru didn't deserve any buffs, but it was imported in 3 months. Meanwhile Lilly has yet to receive her changes after 11 months.

    Imagine GF actually going through with the no more out of order content. Having to wait 1 year for them to import 3 months of Korean content until Lilly gets her buffs. Would be absolutely disgusting.

    I wonder if they have an agreement that for X money, they can put Y items on the premium shop for 2 weeks.

    Lilly and Haru sweetie-pie were probably cherry picked since those are the 2 popular classes that have the fashion.

    Are you guys really going to argue that the loli is popular?

    Chii, Lilly and Haru are way more common than the loli, for discord character role distribution, she is exactly average with every 7th role being loli.

    Regarding people not accepting characters into their party, never really happens, I guess sometimes people don't want to pick up Iris players for SCP.

    And come on, it's already sad that Lion Games overvalued basic attack and super armour break and decided to place every possible penalty for those on 80% of Lilly's skills, then waited 3 years to correct that mistake. It's so shitty that GF updates in a snail's pace and thought, okay, Lilly will be the one who doesn't get her revamp out of order. I'd rather they just removed everyone's balance change.

    Honestly, I don't know anything about loli, I'm just here to annoy you guys. I was thinking about the revamp and not some random buff she has gotten back then, people never really specify their issues. People were kekW-ing about Iris being unplayable, but the only skill that didn't work was her passive, which people shouldn't have levelled in the first place, everything else was either her revamped skill or the old one.

    All I see about loli is that you can't right click on Soul Cry? But what's a Soul Cry, what's right clicking?

    My experience with Iris kinda took away my trust from people that complain about bugs without explaining in details.

    Ah yes i love pepega people who have no clue what they're talking about and acting like they do. Thanks for admitting it :)

    Let's be fair, almost no one plays loli.