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  • How long did it take you to get the soulworker cup?

    • For the first fanart contest, it took about 2 weeks to arrive. but for the 2nd fanart contest it only takes about a week. I think it depends on the delivery service.

  • Hello! I'm Kuroichi, just another guy who loves playing Soulworker. Currently I'm playing on EN Candus server with main character named HaruIchigaya. I'm always open to make new friends so feel free to talk to me in-game or invite me for any raids.

    On EN Candus, I am a part of guild called Legends. We are currently a casual guild with small number of players but are always open for recruitment. We play together, talk about soulworkers, anime and others stuffs so feel free to apply if you are interested.

    I also made some soulworker fanarts including the summer fanart competition. Feel free to visit my deviantart at: https://www.deviantart.com/kuroichi-zero

    I'm still pretty new but always try my best to improve.