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  • Good morning... I have a question. I accidentally Abandoned my Advancement Quest.. Is there any way to get it back? I don't care if I have to do it again from the beggining I just want it back :c. Thanks

    • If you are unable to talk to the original npc to start the quest again, I suggest contacting our support team with the details.


  • Kritika EU, Dragon Nest EU canceled. We don't want Soulworker to go next.

    this thread under General Discussion is soon becoming more like a fight

    pls consider closing it, ty

    • I've warned the person insulting and reviewed the thread. I think discussions and criticisms are very valuable for the community to express, but I'll close if it gets out of hand.

  • I guess im your second to write on this wall :o
  • Can I be your first......... to write on this wall? uwu