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  • Hi, I'm Spanish and I've seen your post about theorycrafting on erwin, my main is also erwin and I would like to know how to put the 140sp, combos and akasha. Honestly with everything you know I would love to know a complete guide with your knowledge why it is needed. I have searched for information about erwin in this forum and it is all very incomplete. Thank you very much for attending, I hope you can solve my doubts. Thanks!!
    • SKill build: I got mine from there too. AR cards: AR card passives must have: Shade, megiddon MK2, Dark Guantalus(4 hands guys, optional, give more AS(Attack Speed)) AR card good for pve/boss/mobs: Rita(Tier 1 for best damage for single-target(Boss), higher tier for wider area), machina(Clearing mobs), blacktop god(gathering aggro, will be a must for later content). You should read guides at: they pretty much cover most of the things.
    • Thanks!!
  • ur cat pic is cute let's be friends