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  • what in the world are you talking about, why in the world would I list cash flow, receivables, and all the other financials of a company on a game forum -_-

    • haha sorry my friend you miss understood i think. What i was simply stating is its simply not possible to have an accurate depiction of how a business works (ingame) without all the information. It was never an intended as an insult as i stated and i think that you are very analytical however you know good and well business owners only operate in numbers that are proven. Its the same with the game.

      Hmmm if i had to wadger i would say your in the financial field of things. And if you are not you should be. There are a few things you would have to fine tune but i think you would be fine. Ingame its not as complicated as IRL. No game lets you see everything. IRL we dont really do that easier but you get a hell of a lot closer because we always need something (lines of credit, loans, equipment replacement, etc)

      Just was simply saying that accuracy is the most important thing. Its win or loss ingame or IRL